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Sick of red tide? Help us do something about it!


Since the mid-nineties, harmful algal blooms known as “red tide” have dramatically increased in duration and concentration.

Although Florida red tide develops miles offshore, human-contributed nutrients like nitrates and phosphates from fertilizer use, foster its growth as it moves closer to our shores.

Siesta Key Landscape is extremely mindful of the environmental impact that our actions have on Sarasota, our bays and estuaries.

We follow strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles like:

  1. setting an action threshold (a single pest doesn’t automatically mean control is needed)
  2. understanding that not all insects or weeds require control (some are actually beneficial)
  3. selecting pest-resistant plants, and
  4. evaluating pest control methods for their effectiveness, and risk to the environment.

We also follow all recommended fertilizer restrictions, and we conserve as much water as possible, but if we want to save our resources and eliminate fertilizer run off – we have to do better as a community!

When our yards are over-fertilized, excess nitrogen and phosphorus will flow with rainwater into the stormwater system.

You can reduce your environmental impact by:

  1. choosing plants that require less fertilizer
  2. using slow-release fertilizer minimizing overall fertilizer use
  3. adding an infiltration trench for drainage, and
  4. making sure your irrigation system has a rain sensor

But if you really want to eliminate human-contributed nutrients like the nitrates and phosphates that feed the red tide from our water ways – consider artificial grass. Artificial turf needs zero water, zero fertilizer, and zero maintenance – it simply does not get much better than that!

To learn more about the myriad advantages of artificial grass, visit or give us a call at 941-379-3479.

We have landscaping options that will make you the envy of your neighbors, while protecting our environment!

Want to be the envy of your neighbors?
Reimagined Retreat
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