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Dear John:


Terry and I have been so pleased with the passion, determination, knowledge and initiative with which you have restored our yard and environs that we felt it time and right to express our deepest gratitude in writing. Further, please feel free to use us a reference as we would be pleased and honored to speak on behalf of you, Juan and your company.


As context, let me remind you of the state of our yard when we were fortunate to find you. Shortly after we purchased the Siesta Key home in 2007, we hired another landscaping company to overhaul the existing landscaping. While we were satisfied with the project outcome, there was no follow up. After investing tens of thousands of dollars, no one ever contacted us to ensure our satisfaction or to verify that the plants all thrived. Apparently this was just a business transaction for them and not an attempt to build a loyal client.


In late 2008, we acquired the neighboring property, removed the existing home and intended to build a park area for our family and dogs to enjoy. We asked our then lawn service to recommend a landscaper for the project. Again, we invested tens of thousands of dollars and, while the initial outcome was exceptional, it became apparent very quickly thereafter that we were again, just another transaction. When key plantings failed and our most expensive investment, nearly a ½ acre of sod turned brown, our lawn service was unwilling to do what was needed. They had had to sub-contract so many aspects of the job, from fertilizing to irrigation that they played the blame game rather than stand up for their own reputation. That led us to search for a new landscaping service and, fortunately, you.


From the very first time you worked the property we could tell from the questions you asked and the amount of time you spent looking at every corner, every plant, that this would be a very different experience. We are so pleased to say that that was just a small showing of the level of commitment that you and your staff have shown consistently for more than a year now. And, the result is that our entire outdoor environs have never looked better! In fact, while our yard is the envy of the neighborhood it is your efforts, skill and vision that has earned their respect and admiration.


As Terry and I reflect back on the past year, from what you inherited to what the space looks like today, it hardly seems like the same space. Frankly, we are continuously awed by the amount of effort that our yard receives. The level of detail which you seek to and do achieve in the yard exceeds what even Terry and I expect! And, the cost of restoring and maintaining the yard is incredibly reasonable given the results...not to mention when compared with previous services we have used.


What makes Siesta Key Landscape so different from the myriad other services available is your obvious approach that this is a partnership and not a business transaction. That is clear when we wake up on a Saturday morning to find you, the business owner, tweaking something in the yard after you and your staff have already spent hours that week maintaining the yard. It is even more assuring when we travel to our North Carolina home for extended periods and know that we will return to find the yard looking even better than when we left. Your use of email and ease of contact also gives us great peace of mind, especially when we are traveling.


John, we could write for pages and pages about just how happy we are to be associated with you and your company. Rather, just know that you have exceeded our expectations consistently and that we consider you, Juan and your business to be far more than just a service provider. As such, we would gladly speak with, meet with or in any other manner communicate our overwhelming recommendation!


Thank you for a tremendous job and for giving us such a beautiful yard to enjoy. We look forward to a long partnership and to helping you realize your vision for the business. In so doing, we know that Siesta Key and Sarasota will be even more beautiful!




Robb & Terry Olsen


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Sarasota, FL 34233
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