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A Shore Thing



When you land one of the last original bungalows in paradise, only the best will do and that includes landscaping by Siesta Key Landscape!


Check out the Detroit Home article of this Casey Key gem that we worked on.

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Oolite Stone for Landscaping

oolite full


Florida Oolite – (Coral Stone) found at or near the surface in southeastern peninsular of Florida from Palm Beach County to the Barrier Islands east of Miami bordering Biscayne Bay and the lower Keys of Florida From Big Pine Island to the Marquesas Keys just south of Key West.


Florida Oolite Coral Stone consists of fossiliferous limestone, quartz sand, marine sediments and lime sandstones.


Fossils present in this Coral Stone include mollusks, bryozoans, and corals. Molds and casts of fossils are common. This Coral Stone is highly porous and permeable. This Coral Stone has a Tropical appeal and is used in walls, columns, Building Veneer and as Bank or Shore Lining.


The most prevalent form of oolite is southern Dade county oolite because of the available rural land. Southern Dade county oolite is characterized by white. Gables oolite or graveyard stone is characterized by deep crevices & rust veining. It is available in limited quantities & because of its porosity can not be hatchet faced in thicknesses less than 3 inches.


Oolite is temperamental and requires expert installation, skills that exceed those of most commercial or residential tile layers.


Siesta Key Landscape can install it in a variety of formats: Trench Cut Blocks, Saw Cut Blocks, Slabs, Dimensional, Flagstone (Irregular shapes) and Curbing If you are looking for a Pinecrest, Gables, or Palm Beach look – oolite is the material for you.

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Preparing a Sports Field before Puting Grass Down



To do the job right, you need to make sure that a sporting field is completely level and that the soil is properly prepared before you put grass down.


That is why we begin by rough grading the area with a bobcat or large tractor, then we do the final grading with a box blade or another type of level before raking all of the soil into place by hand. We also add a large amount of organic matter to sandy soils so they can maintain good drainage and have the capacity to hold some water.


Siesta Key Landscape builds soccer fields, playgrounds, putting greens and all kinds of backyard sporting fields, and we do all of the prep work needed so the finished product is perfect every time!



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Casey Key Pool Patio



Siesta Key Landscape provides expert landscape design for Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas.


We specialize in hardscapes and paver design. Here is an example of a Casey Key pool patio we recently finished. We can help you with all aspects of home masonry such as driveway and walkway construction, poolscapes and custom landscaping services.

Our services include: Driveways/walkways, Custom fireplaces, fire pits, and barbeques, Custom design, Poolscapes, Custom landscaping.

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