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Nutrient deficiencies in palms

Have a problem w your palms and not sure what it could be?


Palms are very unique plants and are not like most trees. They require a very specific amount of fertilizer compared to turf grass. They can also be very negatively affected by turf grass fertilizer and should always be treated separately.


Most palm problems are from deficiencies in nutrients, excessive moisture or improper planting. Palms that experience severe nutrient deficiencies for too long can become stressed out and attract boring or chewing insects that could kill the palm.


At SKL we offer the very best palm nutritional program in Sarasota. We use a custom blended 8-2-12 granular fertilizer w slow release minor nutrients.


Not all 8-2-12 fertilizer is created equal and most companies take out the good slow release components for cheaper quick release components.


We apply this 8-2-12 directly to palms three times per year but what we do different is the key! During the black out period of the summer we apply a granular 0-0-16 Potassium based fertilizer w minor nutrients that gives palms the proper amount of potassium to offset any granular they may have received from the turf grass. Potassium deficiencies are one of the leading problems w palm tree decline so if your company is not doing this and using good quality fertilizer then they are doing u more harm than good.


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